V.Pushinsko manufacturing - commercial firm established in 1992.

   Lithuanian National Road Carriers Association "LINAVA" member since 1997.
   Today we have 14 M.A.N. and Iveco vehicles, all of them - "green" and "safe" meeting EURO4, EURO5 and EURO6 standards. The drivers have mobile phones. Trucks used for vehicle tracking equipment.
   The main activities of countries - Germany. It is also engaged in transportation between the two countries: Belgium, the Netherlands, France, Northern Italy, Austria, Lithuania, Latvia.
   Corporate specialization - International transportation of semi-trailers MEGA (101m3) and high volume (115m3 - 118m3) truck trailers.

   Carrier hedging insurance company.

  V.Pushinsko manufacturing - commercial firm purpose - a close co-operation with existing customers to ensure maximum safety and optimum flow of goods, using the latest methods of logistics, as well as new prospective clients search.

   Languages spoken: Lithuanian, Russian, English.